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TouchDesigner Pro[edit]

TouchDesigner Pro includes everything TouchDesigner has to offer.


Pro Support[edit]

Purchasing a Pro license gets you into our Pro Support program. Our team is available to help you with any programming, production, or consulting needs you have. Use our years of experience to make your life easier.

Each Pro license includes 6 hours of Pro Support. Additional hours can be purchased for larger tasks and additional support. Please read Pro Support for more details on what the program includes.

Features Unlocked[edit]

  • Privacy Options - Options for private .toe files and private components. Create a .toe project file or .tox component file that is inaccessible without the password.
  • option to hide the TouchDesigner splash screen on startup
  • keys can be moved from computer to computer.
  • software fixes/RFEs are not guaranteed, but Pro users will receive front-of-the-line service.
  • bug fixes to the specific build you are using
  • Pro Support from Derivative staff - Pro support includes up to 6 hours of programmer or production specialist support in a one-year support period. (No support provided with TouchDesigner Non-commercial, Commercial or Educational licenses.)

For a comparison of features, see Licensing.

See also TouchDesigner Commercial and TouchDesigner Educational