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TouchDesigner Educational and Commercial[edit]

TouchDesigner Educational and Commercial have identical feature sets, they differ only in their intended use-case.

TouchDesignerEducational.png TouchDesignerCommercial.png


Available to students and schools for non-commercial and educational uses only. (Precisely, "You are not receiving money or compensation for your work with TouchDesigner")

Students and school administrators must register for an Educational license and be approved by Derivative before being able to purchase the license. Register Here Non-profit organizations can also contact us to see if they qualify for Educational licenses.


Required for paying projects. A Commercial (or Pro) license is required for any project or work done with TouchDesigner that you receive money or compensation for.


  • image resolution and compositing at any resolution the hardware supports.
  • create H.264/H.265 movies in realtime (via GPU encoding).
  • stream textures via RTSP, RTMP, or SRT using the Video Stream Out TOP.
  • Up to 2 Notch operators running at 1920x1080 (requires Notch license)
  • LIDAR scanner Ouster TOP
  • laser scanner Leuze ROD4 CHOP
  • option to hide the TouchDesigner splash screen on startup
  • the Commercial license is good for one commercial key for one computer.
  • keys can be moved from computer to computer.
  • does not include any direct support, forum support only.
  • price $600 USD per license. Purchase TouchDesigner Commercial in the STORE.

For a comparison of features, see Licensing.

See also TouchDesigner Pro and TouchDesigner Educational