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Root is the top-most network in the hierarchy. The path is /.

/ui and /sys are not saved in the .toe. They are reloaded when TouchDesigner starts. You can look inside /ui and /sys, but there is not much use in changing it.

Normally you work in components under /, like in /project1, but you can put all you want in /.

Root also contains /local, which contains things line MIDI settings, Layouts, python modules that are accessible from anywhere, and Variables. /local is saved intact in the .toe file, and is reloaded from the .toe on restart. Parts of /local are controlled via dialogs like the MIDI mapper, but given a lot of /local is text files and tables, most things can be edited manually by the user.

Other things that are commonly put in Root:

  • startup scripts (use Execute DAT)
  • Window Components to manage outputs to monitors
  • Audio Device Out CHOPs to output to audio devices from one place, if that is desired.
  • common libraries, components and scripts that you want to be accessible to all your parts of your project.

Root is not a true component - although it contains a Network, it has no parameters and is not a specific component type.

For this reason, it is better to do most of your work in components like /project1, which makes the component exportable and share-able via RMB->Save Component....

In Root you always have /perform, which is a Window Component. It is tied to the Window Placement Dialog and is the default Window Component used for Perform Mode.

TouchDesigner is a hierarchy of components. "root" is the top-most network in the hierarchy. The Path is simply /. A typical path is /project1/moviein1.

TOuch Environment file, the file type used by TouchDesigner to save your project.

An Operator Family that contains its own Network inside. There are twelve 3D Object Component and eight 2D Panel Component types. See also Network Path.

Strictly refers to a window in Microsoft Windows. User-created windows are made with Panels inside Window Components, aside from the TouchDesigner editor window and its dialogs.