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Dependency is the procedural mechanism in TouchDesigner, where if one piece of data changes, it automatically causes other operators and expressions to re-cook. This assures all data is consistent in a TouchDesigner process, and causes all the output displays, UIs, devices and protocols to update in realtime.

Automatic Dependency[edit]

If there is a change in an operator's output data or parameter value, it causes other operators downstream from it to cook. Downstream means operators that are connected to the output of a changed node, and operators (or their parameters) that refer to the changed operator (often visible as the dashed-lines in a network).

Python Data Dependency[edit]

Because Python does not inherently have a procedural mechanism, Dependency Objects in TouchDesigner allow python data to cause downstream cooking when that data is changed.

See Dependency_Class for how to set up Python Dependency. To create recursively dependable Python collections, see Deeply Dependable Collections.