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NOTE: PTGui 11 is not supported (yet). If you are using PTGui 11 please export your PTGui calibration files using “Export to PTGui 10 Project” function.

The stitcher component in the Palette enables the loading and parsing of PTGui project files (PTGui must be licensed to output ASCII format .pts files). PTGui is a panoramic image stitching software which can be tried and purchased here: Files saved from the trial version of PTGui will not work as they are encrypted.

The stitcher component will parse a PTGui project file and create the necessary amount of inputs to its component to read in all involved shots and output the full panoramic texture.

An example project and images are available on PTGui's website here:

See the discussion at TouchDesigner Discussion Forum.

This can be used for real-time video stitching. Use a snapshot of the inputs from all the cameras, send it through PTGui to create a .pts file and then load the .pts file. You can now feed the same cameras into the component and a live-stitch will be performed.

Right now it only accepts inputs from fisheye lens, and outputs equirectangular projection.

A Render TOP can render to a Cube Map format and then use the Projection TOP to put that into equirectangular. Fisheye and dual paraboloid renders are also options, but those will suffer from artifacts if your geometry isn't well tessellated.

See also Remap TOP, Projection TOP

PythonIcon.pngPalette:stitcher Ext

Parameters - Stitcher Page

PTS Template File Calibfile -  

Parse PTS Template Parse -  

Stitch Output Resolution Stitchres - -

  • Stitch Output Resolution Stitchresw -
  • Stitch Output Resolution Stitchresh -

Crop Output Horizontal Cropoutputhorizontal - -

  • Crop Output Horizontal Cropoutputhorizontal1 -
  • Crop Output Horizontal Cropoutputhorizontal2 -

Crop Output Vertical Cropoutputvertical - -

  • Crop Output Vertical Cropoutputvertical1 -
  • Crop Output Vertical Cropoutputvertical2 -

Blend Strength Blendstrength -  

Mute x Mutex -  

Deactivate Blend x Deactivateblendx -  

Parameters - Adjust Source 1 Page

Yaw Yawsource1 -  

Pitch Pitchsource1 -  

Roll Rollsource1 -  

Operator Inputs

  • Input 0 -

Operator Outputs

  • Output 0 -

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Exporting is the connection of CHOP channels to parameters of operators. The output of each exporting CHOP is one or more channels, active only while the CHOP Viewer is on. The current value of a channel can be exported to a parameter of any operator, overriding that parameter's value. See Parameter.

The width and height of an image in pixels. Most TOPs, like the Movie File In TOP can set the image resolution. See Aspect Ratio for the width/height ratio of an image, taking into account non-square pixels.

A built-in panel in TouchDesigner that contains a library of components and media that can be dragged-dropped into a TouchDesigner network.