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*[[Environment Light COMP]] for environment lighting
*[[Environment Light COMP]] for environment lighting
*[[Ableton Link CHOP]] syncs timing to Ableton Live sessions
*[[Ableton Link CHOP]] syncs timing to Ableton Live sessions
*[[Web Render TOP]] to render webpages and a [[Palette:WebBrowser|webBrowser]] in the Palette
*[[Web Render TOP]] to render webpages and a [[Palette:webBrowser]] in the Palette
*[[sACN]] multicast support and DMX improvements
*[[sACN]] multicast support and DMX improvements
*[http://www.derivative.ca/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=9658 HTC Vive Development Environment] to get VR projects started quickly
*[http://www.derivative.ca/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=9658 HTC Vive Development Environment] to get VR projects started quickly

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What's New in 099[edit]


For the complete picture, see What's New in 099, and Release Notes for release-by-release details.

Updating licenses and keys to 099 works differently now. If you bought a license in the last year you can start using that license with 099 right away. If not, you need to purchase an update.

Non-Commercial licenses are available for personal, educational, or evaluation purposes. If you or your organization are compensated for your work with TouchDesigner, you must have a Commercial or Pro license. For a comparison of licenses see Licensing.

Getting Started[edit]

Tutorials and Workshop Videos[edit]

  • TouchDesigner Official Youtube - A growing collection of Derivative tutorials and workshop recordings, as well as videos from previous TouchDesigner Summits.
  • AllTD.org - An excellent resource that compiles learning materials in multi-languages from the broad TouchDesigner community, thanks to Jan Gryczan in Berlin.
  • Tutorials Page - A full list of tutorials available. Including user-contributed and older 088 legacy sections.

Online Courses (paid)[edit]


  • Browse the Wiki Categories. Also explore the navigation bar on the left using the links or search field.
  • Operator Help pages - All the node types of TouchDesigner.
  • Introduction to Python - An introduction to Python scripting in TouchDesigner. Python Reference is also available for a full list of python classes.
  • TouchDesigner Tips - A collection of short how-to tutorials showing you how to accomplish certain tasks.
  • Search documentation using the wiki advanced search page.
  • Offline Help - Access the wiki when you are not connected to the internet by pre-downloading the offline documentation package.

Sample Components, Tools and Examples[edit]

  • OP Snippets - Hundreds of examples found via (1) the Help -> Operator Snippets menu, or (2) right-click on any operator in any network, or (3) right-click on any operator in the OP Create menu.
  • Palette Browser - In the menu Dialogs -> Palette Library, or the left-pane of the default TouchDesigner.
  • .tox Component forum - User-contributed components.

Derivative Forums[edit]

White Papers and Topics[edit]

Other Resources[edit]

  • Facebook - Join us on Facebook and keep up to date with the latest TouchDesigner projects.
  • TouchDesigner Help on Facebook- Massively helpful Facebook Help Group for TouchDesigner run by users.
  • Vimeo - Videos posted by the TouchDesigner community on Vimeo.
  • Twitter - Follow us on Twitter @1null1
  • Books - Books to help you learn TouchDesigner. NEW! Writing GLSL Shaders
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Frequently asked questions about TouchDesigner.
  • CHOPCHOPCHOP - A marketplace for TouchDesigner Components.
  • GitHub projects - Browse GitHub for a wide range of user submitted projects.
  • Resources - Textures, devices, animations, movies, audio and more.

A 3D image created with the Render TOP. Also used more generally to include the compositing (with TOPs) to generate an output image.

A built-in panel in TouchDesigner that contains a library of components and media that can be dragged-dropped into a TouchDesigner network.

An Operator Family which operate on Channels (a series of numbers) which are used for animation, audio, mathematics, simulation, logic, UI construction, and many other applications.

Each SOP has a list of Points. Each point has an XYZ 3D position value plus other optional attributes. Each polygon Primitive is defined by a vertex list, which is list of point numbers.