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There are two scripting languages in TouchDesigner: Python and Tscript. Tscript Commands and Expression help can be found in the Commands and Expressions categories.

Via the Textport[edit]

You can also browse commands and expressions via the textport:

help gives you a list of all Tscript commands and

exhelp gives you a list of all Expressions

Append the -k flag to the above commands to search for commands containing the word you are looking for. For example, to find all the expressions whose help contains the word "chop" type:

exhelp -k chop

See Also: Commands, Expressions

TouchDesigner's original built-in Command scripting language prior to Python.

A text string that contains data (string, float, list, boolean, etc.) and operators (+ * < etc) that are evaluated by the node's language (python or Tscript) and returns a string, float list or boolean, etc. Expressions are used in parameters, DATs and in scripts.

A dialog box in which commands and scripts can entered manually. Script errors and python print() messages are also output to the textport.