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The Panes class describes the list of all pane objects. It can be accessed from ui.panes.


currenttd.Pane (Read Only):

The currently selected pane.


createFloating(type=PaneType.NETWORKEDITOR, name=None, maxWidth=1920, maxHeight=1080, monitorSpanWidth=0.9, monitorSpanHeight=0.9)td.Pane:

Return a floating pane.

  • type - (Keyword, Optional) Type of pane created. See Pane for examples.
  • name - (Keyword, Optional) Name of the pane. This value can be used to find the pane in ui.panes.
  • maxWidth - (Keyword, Optional) Upper limit on the width of the created window. Specified in pixels.
  • maxHeight - (Keyword, Optional) Upper limit on the height of the created window. Specified in pixels.
  • monitorSpanWidth - (Keyword, Optional) Specifies window width as a portion of the monitor width.
  • monitorSpanHeight - (Keyword, Optional) Specifies window height as a portion of the monitor height.


    p = ui.panes.createFloating(type=PaneType.NETWORKEDITOR, name="Output")
    p.owner = op('/project1/base1')

Special Functions[edit]


Returns the total number of panes.

a = len(ui.panes)


Get specific pane, referenced by string or index.

p = ui.panes[0]
p = ui.panes['pane1']


Iterate over each pane.

for n in ui.panes:
	# do something with n

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