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The moviePlaylist is able to loop over images or movies selected via a folder or specified via a Table DAT given as an input. It offers some control over playback, blend- and end- behaviour.

PythonIcon.pngPallette:moviePlaylist Ext

Parameters - Player Page

Playlist Controls

Help Help - Opens this page.

Version Version - The current version of the component.

Mediafolder Mediafolder - Specify the folder on disc containing the media that should be played. This is ignored if a playlist is specified via the DAT input.

Media Type Mediatype - - Select what kind of media can be played.

  • All all - Play movies and images.
  • Movies movies - Play movies only.
  • Images images - Play images only.

Initialize Initialize - Reset the moviePlaylist to it's start condition.

Start Start - Start the playback.

Pause Pause - Pause the playback.

Speed Speed - Control the speed of the playback. All asset durations and blendtimes are effected by this.

Still Image Duration sec Imagedur - In case of playing images, specify the number of seconds an image should be displayed.

Blend Behavior Blend - - Specify how the moviePlaylist should blend between playlist items.

  • Crossfade cross - A crossfade between 2 assets.
  • Blend Over Color color - The current playlist item will fade out to the background color before the next playlist item fades in.

Fade In Out Time Fadetime - - Duration of the fade in and out time at the start and the end of the playlist. The fade out is only utilized when fading to color at the end.

  • Fade In Out Time Fadetime1 - Duration of the fade in at the start of the playlist.
  • Fade In Out Time Fadetime2 - Duration of the fade out at the end of the playlist. Only used if On Done is set to Fade to Color.

Blend Time Crosstime - Duration of the blend between playlist items.

Next Movie ID Nextid - Specify the next playlist id for use when using the Go to Movie pulse parameter.

Background Color Bgcolor - - Specify the background color of the playlist. This is used if assets have transparency and/or Blend Over Color is the selected blend behavior and/or Fade to Color is the selected end condition.

  • Background Color Bgcolorr - Red
  • Background Color Bgcolorg - Green
  • Background Color Bgcolorb - Blue
  • Background Color Bgcolora - Alpha

Go to Fade Time Gotofade - - Blendtime used when manually controlling the playlist.

  • Go to Fade Time Gotofade1 -
  • Go to Fade Time Gotofade2 -

Go to Movie Gotomov - Switch to the playlist item specified under Next Movie ID.

Go to Previous Gotoprev - Go to the previous playlist item. This has looping behavior at the start of the playlist.

Go to Next Gotonext - Go to the next playlist item. This has looping behavior at the end of the playlist.

On Done Ondone - - Specify what should happen at the end of the playlist.

  • Cycle Last Clip cyclelast - Loop the last playlist item.
  • Hold Last Frame hold - Hold the last frame of the playlist.
  • Fade to Color color - Fade to background color.

Parameters - Resolution Page

Use Input Useinput - If enabled the playlist will output the resolution of the currently playling item. If playlist items have varying resolution, the output will vary in resolution as well.

Output Resolution Outputres - - Specify the output resolution if not using the input resolution.

  • Output Resolution Outputresw - Width.
  • Output Resolution Outputresh - Height.

Fit Fit - - When specifying a resolution, this determines how the playlist item is mapped onto the output canvas size.

  • Fill fill - The item is stretched/squashed to fill the output resolution and aspect ratio.
  • Fit Horizontal fithorz - The item is stretched/squashed to fit the output resolution horizontally.
  • Fit Vertical fitvert - The item is stretched/squashed to fit the output resolution vertically.
  • Fit Best fitbest - The item is stretched/squashed to fit the output resolution using the best possible match that does not crop the item. The aspect ration is maintained.
  • Fit Outside fitoutside - The item is stretched/squashed to fit the output resolution using the worst possible match as a opposite to Best Fit. The aspect ration is maintained.
  • Native Resolution nativeres - The item is not stretched or squashed but cropped to the output resolution.

Parameters - Tune Page

Pre-Read Frames Prereadframes -

Frame Timeout Frametimeout -

Open Timeout Opentimeout -

Parameters - Audio Page

Active Active -

Driver Driver - -

  • default (DirectSound/CoreAudio) default -
  • ASIO asio -

Device Device -

Volume Volume -

Operator Inputs

  • Input 0 - A Table DAT containing the paths to the playlist items in order that they should appear using the column header path. Further parameters that can be specified via header: Imagedur, Fadetime1, Fadetime2, Blend, Crosstime, Bgcolorr, Bgcolorg, Bgcolorb, Bgcolora.
  • Input 1 - A blendmask using the luminance to blend between two playlist items. You can use the output matteValue to control the blend behavior.

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