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What's New Spring 2019[edit]


  • Unicode - TouchDesigner now supports unicode everywhere.
  • Physics - A new group of Dynamics Components now support hard-body physics simulations using Bullet Physics Library.
  • FBX COMP - New Component that loads FBX files as a network.
  • USD COMP - New Component that adds support for Pixar's USD file formats (.usd .usda .usdc .usdz). USD (Universal Scene Description) is a new interchange format for sharing 3D scenes and their assets between applications.
  • Custom OPs - Now C++ OPs you create have a new API allowing them to act like regular built-in operators with there own name and tab in the OP Create Dialog.
  • C++ DAT - The DAT family finally gets a C++ operator to create DAT Custom OPs as well.
  • Non-Commercial licenses now work with CPlusPlus OPs and Custom OPs, they no longer require a Commercial or Pro license.
  • Widgets - A new set of UI components for building control panels, performance interfaces, applications and systems.
  • Widget COMP - A new Panel COMP that is base component for building Widget UI systems.
  • Binding - New parameter mode for bi-direction control of parameters.
  • Nvidia Flow TOP / Nvidia Flow Emitter COMP use Nvidia Flow which is a volumetric fluid based simulation of a burning gas system. Control the 3 main factors of temperature, fuel, and smoke to create amazing fire and smoke simulations. *Win10/Nvidia only
  • Line MAT - New material that provides constant shading of lines with 3D depth rolloff and color controls.
  • Audio NDI CHOP - New audio CHOP to receive audio input over NDI.
  • NDI DAT - New DAT to list all NDI sources found on the network.
  • ZED TOP / ZED CHOP / ZED SOP - Adds support for Stereolabs ZED cameras.
  • Lookup DAT - New DAT to lookup values between a DAT and a lookup table.
  • Parameter DAT - New DAT for getting parameter information from any OP.
  • Web Render TOP - Not technically new, but now supported on macOS and using Non-Commercial licenses!
  • Offline documentation is now included with the TouchDesigner installation. When there is no internet connection, TouchDesigner will automatically use offline help.
  • Rollover Help on every parameter, just hold down the 'alt' key (or 'option' on macOS) while you rollover a parameter's name to see its help!
  • Dozens of new Operator Snippets for you to explore.

For the complete picture, see What's New in 099, and Release Notes for a full changelog.

Updating to the most recent build requires a key whose 'Update Date' is after the build's compile date. Check your license's 'Update Date' in the Keys section of your profile at If your key is out of date, purchase '1 Year of Updates' from the store to update it for use with the most recent builds.

Non-Commercial licenses are available at no charge for personal, educational, or evaluation purposes. If you or your organization are compensated for your work with TouchDesigner, you must have a Commercial or Pro license. For a comparison of licenses see Licensing.

Getting Started[edit]

Tutorials and Workshop Videos[edit]

  • TouchDesigner Official Youtube - A growing collection of Derivative tutorials and workshop recordings, as well as videos from previous TouchDesigner Summits. Also check out the Community Playlists section for great tutorials shared by the community.
  • - An excellent resource that compiles learning materials in multi-languages from the broad TouchDesigner community, thanks to Jan Gryczan in Berlin.
  • Tutorials Page - A full list of tutorials available. Including user-contributed and older 088 legacy sections.

Online Courses (paid)[edit]


  • Browse the Wiki Categories. Also explore the navigation bar on the left using the links or search field.
  • Operator Help pages - All the node types of TouchDesigner.
  • Python page is the main jumping off point for all things Python in TouchDesigner. Python Reference is an alphabetical index of all Python pages in the wiki. Python Classes and Modules is grouped by subject. Also see the Introduction to Python Tutorial to learn the basics of Python scripting in TouchDesigner.
  • TouchDesigner Tips - A collection of short how-to tutorials showing you how to accomplish certain tasks.
  • Search documentation using the wiki advanced search page.
  • On the splash page when starting TouchDesigner, press TOUCHTIPS to get various usage tips while-u-wait.
  • Offline Help - Access the wiki when you are not connected to the internet by pre-downloading the offline documentation package.

Sample Components, Tools and Examples[edit]

  • OP Snippets - Hundreds of examples found via (1) the Help -> Operator Snippets menu, or (2) right-click on any operator in any network, or (3) right-click on any operator in the OP Create menu. When you get there, browse the various OP types, or try pressing Rand or Newest.
  • Palette Browser - In the menu Dialogs -> Palette Library, or the left-pane of the default TouchDesigner.
  • .tox Component forum - User-contributed components.

Derivative Forums[edit]

White Papers and Topics[edit]

Other Resources[edit]

  • Facebook - Join us on Facebook and keep up to date with the latest TouchDesigner projects.
  • TouchDesigner Help on Facebook- Massively helpful Facebook Help Group for TouchDesigner run by users.
  • Vimeo - Videos posted by the TouchDesigner community on Vimeo.
  • Twitter - Follow us on Twitter @1null1
  • Books - Books to help you learn TouchDesigner. NEW! Writing GLSL Shaders
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Frequently asked questions about TouchDesigner.
  • CHOPCHOPCHOP - A marketplace for TouchDesigner Components.
  • GitHub projects - Browse GitHub for a wide range of user submitted projects.
  • Resources - Textures, devices, animations, movies, audio and more.