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Unlike a Wire, a Link is the dashed line between nodes that represents other data flow between nodes. Link types are:

  • CHOP Exporting where a CHOP channel is sent to an operator Parameter.
  • DAT Export where a row of a table DAT is sent to an operator Parameter.
  • Python or Tscript expressions in Parameters, for example (Python) op('table1')[3,4] or op{'wave1')['chan1'], or (Tscript) tab() and chop().
  • node paths where a node fetches the data of another node, as in the Select TOP and Select CHOP.
  • a DAT operator executing its content on changes in another node, as in the CHOP Execute DAT.
  • a node sharing a parameter in another node with the (Python) op{'wave1').par.tx or (Tscript) par() expression.

See also[edit]

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