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The term "flag" in TouchDesigner refers to the indicator of states of an Operator (the Bypass, Display, Lock flags etc).

Operator Flags[edit]

Operator flags are located around a node in a network pane and/or in a network's "table" view (press "T" in the network to go Table View ).

When you press "T" in a network pane, it shows nodes in a table format, where the complete set of flags is visible on the columns.

Flags are not parameters and therefore changing a flag does not in itself cause a node to cook. You cannot export to a flag.

All flags are set using, for example, op('nodename').lock = True.

To program in python all common operator flags, see the Flags section in: PythonIcon.png OP_Class, and the classes for each operator family.

Flags on all Nodes[edit]

Flags on 3D Object components[edit]

  • Render - if off, the object will not be seen in any render of the Render TOP or Render Pass TOP.
  • Display - if off, the object will not be seen in any camera viewer.
  • Pickable - if off, the object will not be selectable in 3D Geometry Viewers or the SOP Editor.

Flags on CHOPs[edit]

  • Export - if off, nothing is exported from that CHOP.

Flags on SOPs[edit]

  • Compare - displays the SOP's input geometry as a green wireframe for comparisons.
  • Template - displays the SOP as templated geometry in 3D viewers. The grey wireframe template is not selectable or editable.