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Parameters - Text Page

Value value -

Type type - -

  • String string -
  • Float float -
  • Integer integer -
  • Multi Line multiline -
  • Password password -

Formatting formatting - -

  • Default default -
  • Custom (Fmt Syntax) customfmt -

Custom Formatting customformatting -

Precision precision -

Thousands Separator thousandsseparator - -

  • None none -
  • Space space -
  • Comma comma -

Framerate framerate -

Enable Formatting Codes formatcodes -

Smart Quote smartquote -

Word Wrap wordwrap -

Edit Mode editmode - -

  • Locked locked -
  • Editable editable -
  • Select Only selectonly -

Edit Formatted editformatted -

Shift-Enter for New Line shiftenter -

Focus Order fieldfocus -

Padding textpadding - -

  • Padding textpaddingl -
  • Padding textpaddingr -
  • Padding textpaddingb -
  • Padding textpaddingt -

Padding Units textpaddingunits - -

  • P panelunits -
  • F fract -
  • A relfract -
  • Pt points -

Horizontal Align alignx - -

  • Left left -
  • Center center -
  • Right right -

Vertical Align aligny - -

  • Bottom bottom -
  • Center center -
  • Top top -

Parameters - Font Page

Font font - -

  • Arial Arial -

Font File fontfile -

Bold bold -

Italic italic -

Scale Text to Fit scaletofit -

Font Size fontsize -

Font Size Units fontsizeunits - -

  • P panelunits -
  • F fract -
  • A relfract -
  • Pt points -

Text Color textcolor - -

  • Text Color textcolorr -
  • Text Color textcolorg -
  • Text Color textcolorb -

Text Alpha textalpha -

Custom Select Color customselectcolor -

Select Color selectcolor - -

  • Select Color selectcolorr -
  • Select Color selectcolorg -
  • Select Color selectcolorb -

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Parameters - Common Page

The Common parameter page sets the component's node viewer and clone relationships.

Parent Shortcut parentshortcut - Specifies a name you can use anywhere inside the component as the path to that component. See Parent Shortcut.

Global Shortcut opshortcut - Specifies a name you can use anywhere at all as the path to that component. See Global OP Shortcut.

Internal OP Shortcut 1 iopshortcut1 - Specifies a name you can use anywhere inside the component as a path to "Internal OP" below. See Internal Operators.

Internal OP iop1 - The path to the Internal OP inside this component. See Internal Operators.

Node View nodeview - - Determines what is displayed in the node viewer, also known as the Node Viewer. Some options will not be available depending on the Component type (Object Component, Panel Component, Misc.)

  • Default Viewer default - Displays the default viewer for the component type, a 3D Viewer for Object COMPS and a Control Panel Viewer for Panel COMPs.
  • Operator Viewer opviewer - Displays the node viewer from any operator specified in the Operator Viewer parameter below.

Operator Viewer opviewer - Select which operator's node viewer to use when the Node View parameter above is set to Operator Viewer.

Keep in Memory keepmemory - Used only for Panel Components this keeps the panel in memory to it doesn't reload every time it is displayed.

Enable Cloning enablecloning - Control if the OP should be actively cloned.

Enable Cloning Pulse enablecloningpulse - Instantaneously clone the contents.

Clone Master clone - Path to a component used as the Master Clone.

Load on Demand loadondemand - Loads the component into memory only when required. Good to use for components that are not always used in the project.

External .tox externaltox - Path to a .tox file on disk which will source the component's contents upon start of a .toe. This allows for components to contain networks that can be updated independently. If the .tox file can not be found, whatever the .toe file was saved with will be loaded.

Reload .tox on Start reloadtoxonstart - When on (default), the external .tox file will be loaded when the .toe starts and the contents of the COMP will match that of the external .tox. This can be turned off to avoid loading from the referenced external .tox on startup if desired (the contents of the COMP are instead loaded from the .toe file). Useful if you wish to have a COMP reference an external .tox but not always load from it unless you specifically push the Re-Init Network parameter button.

Reload Custom Parameters reloadcustom - When this checkbox is enabled, the values of the component's Custom Parameters are reloaded when the .tox is reloaded.

Reload Built-In Parameters reloadbuiltin - When this checkbox is enabled, the values of the component's built-in parameters are reloaded when the .tox is reloaded.

Save Backup of External savebackup - When this checkbox is enabled, a backup copy of the component specified by the External .tox parameter is saved in the .toe file. This backup copy will be used if the External .tox can not be found. This may happen if the .tox was renamed, deleted, or the .toe file is running on another computer that is missing component media.

Sub-Component to Load subcompname - When loading from an External .tox file, this option allows you to reach into the .tox and pull out a COMP and make that the top-level COMP, ignoring everything else in the file (except for the contents of that COMP). For example if a .tox file named project1.tox contains project1/geo1, putting geo1 as the Sub-Component to Load, will result in geo1 being loaded in place of the current COMP. If this parameter is blank, it just loads the .tox file normally using the top level COMP in the file.

Re-Init Network reinitnet - This button will re-load from the external .tox file (if present), followed by re-initializing itself from its master, if it's a clone.

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