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A summary of TouchDesigner's Defaults.

Startup script and .toe file

When opening a new (empty) session in Touch, a setup.cmd script is run at startup which loads a default setup.toe file. Both the setup.cmd and setup.toe files are located in $TFS/touch/Setup.


The default geometry files used when creating a new Camera, Light, Bone, or Null component are located in $TFS/touch/Geo.

Touch also includes example FBX .fbx geometry files. They are located in $TFS/touch/fbx/tyran.fbx.

Timeline Settings

The default Timeline settings are: Start Frame = 1 / End Frame = 5000 / FPS = 60


See Also[edit]

TOuch Environment file, the file type used by TouchDesigner to save your project.

The 3D data held in SOPs and passed for rendering by the Geometry COMP.

The panel at the bottom of TouchDesigner, it controls the current Time of the full system or just one component.

The frame rate that TouchDesigner's Timeline uses. Equal to the Frames per Second value project.cookRate.