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The Bookmark menu is accessible at the top of every Pane. Clicking on the Bookmark icon in the Pane Bar opens the menu.

Bookmark Menu


Below the Bookmark titlebar, there are buttons to Bookmark this Pane and to Edit Bookmarks... using the Bookmarks Dialog. Bookmarking the current network location can be done by clicking the Bookmark this Pane button. When this is clicked, a dialog opens showing the path the bookmark will save and a default name. These can be edited here, and accepted by pressing Done in this dialog. Press Cancel to escape.

Clicking the Edit Bookmarks... button will open the Bookmarks dialog.

The bookmarks are listed (in alphabetical order at this time). By clicking on the name of the bookmark, the bookmark's path will be loaded into that pane.

A pull-down list at the top of a network Pane containing jump-to Network Paths.

A work area in TouchDesigner's layout that includes the Network Editor and 7 other pane types used for different tasks. The TouchDesigner interface can consist of a single pane, or be split into multiple panes.